Global Beats & Movement

NMA Global Beats & Movement

Listen, Grow & Learn!

Global Beats & Langauge is an Early Childhood Music Course course developed by The National Music Academy for children of all ages. Global Beats & Language seeks to enhance your childs interactive and collaborative skills as they work with their peers to expand their vocabulary in many different languages! NMA believes in learning through immersion, as such, your child will dress and sing the part in each different language! Your child will develop deep levels of understanding developed through the confidence of speaking words in another language.

Why Kids Love NMA Global Beats & Movement

Kids will love the NMA Global Beats & Movement course as it will cover rhythms and music from around the world! Every five weeks a new language will be focused on (2 languages every term). Every week your child will learn vocabulary in different languages from flash cards and sing songs from the culture about these words! Kids will love the interactive story time where they get to apply the knowledge that they learn from the vocabulary expansion in an interactive, collaborative environment!

When signing up to NMA Global Beats & Movement you will receive the At Home language kit so you and your child can continue to develop the fundamental buy topamax online language and cultural awareness.

At Home kit includes:

  • Flash Cards of the terms languages
  • Lyrics of the song are also supplied in the different language.
  • You will be emailed the links to children’s songs so you can practice at home.
  • We use instruments from different cultures so students hear and learn about new sounds and musical tools.
  • We will use 3 language cards per week to introduce the children to new language sounds and vocabulary content.
  • We will learn a song from the chosen country where the language is spoken to once again expose new sounds and utilise already known melodies in a new form of language.
  • We will also provide links to different cultural music so new sounds and instruments are heard through the week when playing music in the car or at home.

Seventy percent of the world speaks at least two languages so we believe that connecting music, movement and language is the perfect combination to maximize a child’s development

What’s involved?

  • Up to 14 kids in a class.
  • 15 min class (added to the end of Wiggle & Grow, Laugh & Learn or Move & Groove)
  • 10 week term?- Enrol Anytime!?-
  • What’s the cost? Cost included in price of Wiggle & Grow, Laugh & Learn or Move & Groove)