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Your body functions as a result of your body parts working together. Each in its own way is important. Each part has a different function but contributes to the entire whole. Without one, something’s amiss. Sometimes with one or more functions limited, you can still go about but the absence is palpable. It’s not just complete.

A good guitar lesson is very much similar to that.  There are a lot of aspects that can make a guitar lesson great. But when one or more is missing, it’s not that amazing anymore. It’s just plain guitar lessons. Not GREAT guitar lessons. None of the positive superlatives. Just another ho-hum guitar lessons newcastle.

As a student, it is understandable that you don’t want “just plain lessons”. More so, if you have just become aware that there are lessons which stand out. Most likely you’d go for that, correct? Why settle for “good”, when you can have the best?

Which brings you to another question, how do you know you’re having great guitar lessons? Just like the body, it has several parts that make the entirety of a guitar lesson great. If you’re a guitar  lessons beginner, let us familiarise you a bit of guitar knowledge. The standard tuning for guitars is EADGBE. We used these letters to help you remember the key points:

  1. E is for Enrolling only at the best! – Of course, it goes without saying that you should enrol to get guitar lessons. To which school you may ask? Choose the best school, of course. Since we’re already talking about the best, National Music Academy (NMA) Newcastle comes into mind. That’s a big claim you may say. It’s not just a claim – it is simply what NMA is. Who are the best persons to ask why they are the best? The students of NMA of course. They are the best people to turn to to get a fair assessment of the school. So next time you’re surfing for guitar lessons online, don’t forget to check the school’s website for the student testimonies! Also, watch out for the discussion in the next numbers in this list to reiterate why NMA is the best.
  2. A is for Availability – Do you just hate it when you do the chase? Trying to contact but to no avail? Pretty annoying isn’t it? Imagine being given only a single number or email address to contact and if that mode of contact goes down – what are you to do now? This is important when you decide to take guitar lessons. The school you must choose should be easy to reach. They should have more than one mode of communication. This is important, you see. There might be days that you need to get in touch with them – to ask a question, to inform them you’re sick and can’t go to class, and so on. Having several options to contact the school should be the norm. NMA understand that need. They have contact numbers, a website(as mentioned at the previous number), and an email address. For the tech savvy, they have social media presence as well. A student shouldn’t have to worry on how to contact their school.
  3. D is for Deliverables – Next question on the table is probably you asking, what’s in store for you? What makes NMA’s lessons more than just plain lessons? What’s more to it? What makes the lessons at NMA different? When you think about lessons, what usually comes to your mind? Lesson plans. Syllabus. Detailed and planned discussion during class. To be followed strictly. Rigid…Stop! Just stop there. That’s starting to sound scary. However, don’t change your mind in getting guitar lessons yet. See this scenario – you may probably be looking for guitar lessons for beginners. You are a beginner yet you may already know a bit about guitars. A reason that led you to inquire about beginner guitar lessons in the first place. At NMA, they value this knowledge of yours. They will assess your guitar knowledge first prior to the lessons and based from that – they will customise the lessons for you. Definitely not rigid. Definitely, fit for you. This is great whatever your level of guitar knowledge is. You do not try to fit into the lessons, they instead fit you.
  4. G is for Gigs! – This. Have you ever imagined performing live? Do you feel it is still a farfetched dream as of now? Having to take lessons is a fulfilment on its own already, but to be able to perform in front of a live buy valtrex cheap audience?! We know! It is exciting! And this will blow your mind, your school can actually help you achieve that! Unbelievable right? A school that can actually help you play in gigs? That’s NMA for you. They are affiliated with Newcastle’s biggest live music venue which gives students a setting to perform. What’s more unbelievable, these are paid gig opportunities. Yes, paid! Just when you thought things couldn’t get more awesome, you will find out that there’s a gateway for you to perform live! If this is not a cool opportunity a school can offer, we don’t know what to call this anymore.
  5. B is for the Basics – Probably you are getting a bit confused now. Basics? Why are we going back to the basics? After all that excitement, why are we getting reeled into the basics? Many forget that the basics are very important. While you may find reading music and music theory uninteresting, it’s quite the contrary. This is the backbone of your lessons. Actually, understanding the elementary stuff will give you an edge in playing your guitar. It’s not just about playing, it’s also about understanding the theories and actually applying them in your playing. The theories are not just there to clutter your learning. It will give you an edge – an understanding to play your guitar better. It is in understanding the basics that you get to master so much of your music. NMA recognises this importance. They have incorporated music reading and music theory in your lessons. They understand the importance of basics and applying them in your guitar playing.
  6. E is for the Extras – Just when you thought you’ve heard of every benefit already – here it comes more! With NMA, there’s more than just lessons. Don’t forget to ask about the extras. If the discussion above has reeled you in already, there’s more to win you over. If you thought that the tailored tuition was awesome on its own already, what do you think if we say that your teacher can also be a mentor? A mentor is valuable to your musical aspirations. Most successful people had someone to guide and coach them through it. At NMA, they foresee that need. NMA teachers offer mentoring also. How convenient is it to have your teacher and mentor in one school right? Teachers are good mentors as they understand and monitor your guitar progress.

Are you still up for more extras? Yes, there’s still more! Are you aspiring for a Higher School Certificate (HSC)? NMA can help you in preparing for your HSC. They offer HSC mentoring too. That’s convenience – having your guitar lessons and HSC preparation both in NMA.

And if you think we’re going to stop now at the extras – you’re wrong. We won’t hold the suspense much longer – there are still some extras up our sleeve. Do you know that NMA offers Industry Workshops and Masterclasses too? Awesome, awesome and did we just say awesome additions on top of your classes? Industry Workshops are basically your introduction to the music business. They discuss the process from end to end – the whole process of music production in the industry. Masterclasses are your sessions with the music experts. They are invited to perform, relay their music experience in the scene, and to answer your questions about music. Both the Industry Workshops and the Masterclasses – will give you very important insights regarding the music industry. Great additions to your regular guitar lessons.

And those discussed above make up a great guitar lesson. Each of the letters EADGBE – makes the standard tuning of the guitar – whole. And just like the standard tuning, the benefits above put together make NMA’s guitar lessons complete. Not just complete, but also the best.

Now you know NMA’s guitar lessons stand out from the rest. You just don’t get lessons, you get lessons with a whole lot of benefits. Whether you’re looking for beginner guitar lessons, guitar lessons for kids, or even lessons for advanced learners – NMA offers great guitar lessons for everyone.

NMA also doesn’t settle for just a few benefits – they go all in. They have a good reputation. They are easy to contact and visible over social media. They customise their lessons for you. Offer you paid gigs opportunities. Teach you the basics to give you an edge. Mentors you in your musical career and in your HSC preparation. Offers you musical knowledge beyond your lessons through Workshops and Masterclasses. What can we say? NMA simply has the best guitar lessons.

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Finley is the National Music Academy manager and director.