Jeremy Minett

Jeremy Minett is no stranger to the life of a working guitarist. Starting out at just ten years old, he began gigging at thirteen and has not looked back since! Since forming his first band Powerage, he has played in numerous bands and duos, performing all over Australia and in the UK. He’s also shared a stage with the likes of Matchbox Twenty, Karnivool, The Screaming Jets, The Angels, Thirsty Merc, Grinspoon and Rose Tattoo.

Jeremy is also an accomplished musician academically, graduating from the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music in 2015 with a Bachelor Of Music With Distinction in Contemporary Guitar Performance. This means that Jeremy not only excels at performance but also in his knowledge and understanding of theory, harmony, performance skills, ensemble skills and industry knowledge. Combined with his ongoing and diverse working experience, Jeremy is truly
a well-rounded musician and brings this holistic approach to his work at NMA.

Jeremy is experienced in a broad range of contemporary guitar styles including Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, RnB and Country. He currently performs with artists such as Max Jackson, The Hang Suite, Garth and the aPrentices and The New Cool, playing pop, contemporary country, funk, soul, blues, rock and acoustic. On top of this, he somehow manages to find the time to be one of the most committed and long-serving teachers here at NMA. He loves working at the academy because he “gets to share passion for music and the guitar and work with a fantastic group of
people to foster buy topamax online some of the finest musical talent the country has to offer”.

Lessons with Jeremy are “fun and engaging”, as he tries to make the lesson “the best part of the students’ week” and the progress that his students make is a testament to his goal to “keep them motivated and pushing themselves to reach their goals!” He also works hard to include all the theory a student needs to understand why they are learning what they are learning and how it’s applicable to their goals and songs. He says of his own education “I wish my musical education had included someone telling me what I was actually playing, the mechanics behind what I was
learning and why the techniques and concepts where used in the song”.

Students who learn from Jeremy can expect the kind of knowledge that only years of experience in music can bring. Whatever your goals, lessons with Jeremy at NMA can help you take your guitar playing to the next level. To find out more, contact us today!

What’s something you wish your musical education had included growing up? I wish my musical education had included someone telling me what I was actually playing when I was learning all these songs! I wish I had a teacher who explained to me the mechanics behind what I was learning and why the techniques/concepts were used in the song. I also REALLY wish I had learned to read music at a much younger age!

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Finley is the National Music Academy manager and director.