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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is running the Professional Development Program?
The program is part of National Music Academy, which is synonymous with premium quality and focused on students goals and aspirations. This Academy has been based on the vision of our students having a mentorship guided by not only our highly trained academic staff but also professional working musicians. The PDP started with the basis of creating working musicians rather than university qualified musicians which often graduate unemployed and without the core experience to function in the real world as a professional musician. We aim to provide only the best industry experience and are truly dedicated and focused on the outcome of the student rather then applying as many modules as possible and passing students leading to massive a HECS debt with no career guidance. Our teachers and lecturers are trained and qualified and are rated as industry credible and qualified musicians with a world of experience. Our goal is to create a platform so students can learn and be immersed in practical applied theory and practice with guided mentorship leaving them with the essential skills to start their dream.

Why are you not government accredited?
We could be but we deliberately choose not to be for reasons that are central to the principles on which the Professional Development Program was created.

Firstly, recent years have seen dramatic changes to the way education is delivered to students at all levels. There has been a move back to an antiquated education model. It is given many flashy sounding names, such as Blended Learning, but in practice these are not models for innovative educational practices but rather; they’re corporate business models for selling education. Every aspect of education, from curriculum to assessment, is standardised according to business principles developed to suit the 19th century factory model that demands uniformity and conformity over diversity and creativity. When music programs are accredited by the government, by definition, they are compelled to conform to a model of education that is designed to produce the same outcome, regardless of whether that education is delivered by a university, a conservatorium, a TAFE college, or any of the myriad of smaller private accredited music schools. In other words, it is a model for mediocrity and sameness in outcomes. The creators of the Professional Development Program passionately believe that music is a creative art form. Thus, to impose restrictions to creativity, through accreditation requirements, is fundamentally wrong for innovative creative music practice.

Secondly, government accreditation requires universities, conservatories and other music schools to collect a vast range of statistics about every aspect of their music teaching programs, from planning to student outcomes. This in turn necessitates the employment of a whole layer of middle-management bureaucrats. The cost of all of this is then passed down to “the customer” (the student). This also is fundamentally wrong and bordering on unethical business practice. It also explains why any accredited music course will cost at least order valtrex usa double that of our Professional Development Program.

How much does your course cost?
The Professional Development Program is organised into six spheres of learning designated as Modules from 1 to 6. Fees are calculated according to the number of modules enrolled with substantial discounts given to those who enrol for the complete program. The complete program also includes significant free benefits, such as an ongoing web presence for students to showcase their EPKs. This benefit is just one that many other music schools and agencies charge substantial fees to maintain for alumni students. The complete 40 week program costs $5999 Please refer to the website for the pro-rata scale of fees for individual modules. WEBSITE

Yes. Fees can be paid in advance of each of the four 10 week terms. Payments due dates can be found on our website in the FEES section.

Alternatively, we recommend (Finance Company) if you prefer to pay the discounted full program fee up front and repay small weekly instalments. Complete detailed information and product disclosure is available on our website.

Do the classes run during the day or in the evening?
We run two programs in parallel – one between the hours of 11am and 1pm daily, and the second between the hours of 7pm and 9pm nightly. While online classes are not an option at this stage, all classes are digitally recorded and the content uploaded for archival purposes.

What if both classes are fully subscribed when I want to enrol?
Students can enrol to begin in any of the four terms if vacancies exist. If no vacancies exist, we have a waiting list system and give enrolment preference to those whose names are in that system.

Who teaches your course?
Our teachers come from a variety of music industry spheres from signed artists and performers, recording engineers and producers, to musicologists and contemporary music educators. Many have national and international music industry recognition in their fields of expertise.

What are the entry requirements?
A burning passion to work in the music industry is mandatory. Many of our students have some experience either as instrumentalists or singers in bands and we also have students with some experience in the technical side – DJ-ing, live mixing or home studio recording – although no previous industry experience is necessary. There are no academic prerequisites. A number of our students choose the Professional Development Program as a practical alternative to a music degree. We do request an interview to see if you are applicable to enroll in the PDP.

Can I get a job after I complete the course?
The Professional Development Program will provide you with all the skills, knowledge, and materials that success requires but ultimately, working musicians are freelancers. If job security is your priority you might do better to reconsider a music degree and a school teaching career.

Where is your campus?
Our state-of-the-art learning environment includes a live stage, recording studio, and private booths for individual and small group tuition. It is located on the corner of Steel and King Streets, West Newcastle, right behind National Music Academy. You are invited to visit and receive a personal tour (by appointment) prior to making any commitment to enrol.

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