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N ational Music Academy’s HSC Preparation Course is designed to give students an introduction and overview to the Music 1 HSC theoretical syllabus. It aims to actively show students the components of the exam and provide them with the tools to be able to successfully prepare and navigate through the HSC.
  • The concepts of music
  • The syllabus
  • The Rubric
  • The nature of the exam
  • Define the question
  • Structure essay style answers
  • Critically listen
  • Provide visual analysis

National Music Academy also aims to provide students with the necessary resources and information to excel in the HSC Preparation Course from active examples to Board Of Studies resource centres.
Week 1
  • An overview of The Syllabus
  • Introduction to the Board Of Studies Resource centre
Week 2
  • An overview and introduction to the concepts of music: duration, pitch, dynamics and expressive techniques, tone colour, texture, structure
  • The nature of the HSC exam overview, including percentage mark break up of electives and core (written listening exam, core practical component, three electives – practical and/or viva voce and/or composition)
Week 3
  • Musical Concept: Dynamics and expressive techniques
  • Musical Concept: Tone colour
Week 4
  • Musical Concept: Structure
  • Introduction to topic of study and how to approach it, focus area: Jazz music
Week 5
  • Musical Concept: Texture
  • Musical concept: Pitch
Week 6
  • Musical Concept: Duration
  • Introduction to Viva Voce
Week 7
  • Introduction to Composition
  • Technology component of the HSC
Week 8
  • Overview of the rubric
  • Definition of keywords in HSC questions i.e. analyse, discuss, observe, evaluate etc
Week 9
  • What goes into a band 6 answer as opposed to a band 5 answer? With active examples
  • Exam skills, techniques and tools including essay format responses, understanding the question, critical listening and visual analysis
Week 10
Revision week + sample exam

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