Whilst it may seem that there are plenty of venues that minors do not have the opportunity to perform at, the Hunter Valley provides a wide range of venues that are easily accessible by performers under eighteen. With performance space, friendly and encouraging staff members and of course plenty of room for an audience; what more could a young aspiring performer ask for? Check out NMA’s top five venues for performers under eighteen.

The Premier Hotel, Broadmeadow

The Premier Hotel is a good friend of ours here at NMA. On a weekly basis, our students are given the opportunity to perform between the hours of 7:00pm and 9:00pm, as well as the monthly Live Lounge performances. The Premier Hotel is a family friendly and welcoming environment, which gratifies the performers a sense of safety and confidence whilst performing. The Premier Hotel emits an efficient and qualified vibe to the performers of all ages, therefore allowing minors to be informed about professionalism for future gigs.

The Leagues Club, Maitland

The Leagues Club Maitland is more than encouraging and welcoming to performers under the age of eighteen. With a provided large area and stage, it’s young a performers dream, accompanied by plenty of tables and chair for friends, family and fans. NMA students perform here regularly at an event titled the “Sunday Session”. Alike The Premier, The Leagues club has professional and approachable staff. The Leagues club provides a terrific setting with combining both the heritage of Maitland and the ability to appeal to younger generations.

Westfield: The Rooftop, Kotara

A more of an open setting and fabulous atmosphere, The Rooftop Kotara. The Rooftop Kotara allows performers of all ages to perform on their open stage amongst the midst of restaurants and passers-by of the modern and sophisticated area. The stage is surrounded by grass and twinkling lights to really portray an urban feel. The performers, of course, provide the edge into the evening. Noticeably, the sound of each performer has a strong resonance throughout the complex to be enjoyed by all. To apply for a position at The Rooftop, simply send them an email consisting of your EPK (electronic press kit) and a bio. This performance opportunity is substantially a favourite venue by many.

Frankies on Darby

Darby is renowned for the aesthetic that runs along the road. Frankies Place is one cafe that provides both aesthetic and music passion. Every weekend, Frankies Place runs an “Unplugged Hour”, where performers can busk for an hour and allow the patrons of Darby to enjoy their sweet sound. Courteously, the staff will provide the performer with a meal as a thanks for their hard work and confidence, along with $50. You could say that this is the “place” to be, especially of a weekend to enjoy a meal, coffee and the brilliant talent of a young performer.

Lizzotes, Lambton and Newcastle

Lizzotes is a classic favourite to many. This is the place to be when you have confidence and killer setlist of originals and classic covers. If you aren’t familiar with this truly incredible venue, the stage, the lights and of course the vibe conveys a highly professional atmosphere; making every performer feel like a Grammy winner. NMA hosts the yearly performance evening at Lizottes, and of course they are nothing short of amazing. It truly is a pleasure and honour to perform at such an outstanding venue at any age.

Performing from a young age could just be what gets you to the goal that you desire to reach. These are NMA’s top 5 venues for minors, make sure that you check these terrific places out. Happy gigging!

Written By

Finley is the National Music Academy manager and director.