Mastering is the final step in preparing a track for release, therefore is vital to get right. You may think that mastering is simply about making your track louder, and while this is certainly part of it, even more important than loudness is “translation”. Have you ever spent hours, or even days on getting a mix just right only to listen to it somewhere else, say a friend’s stereo, your car etc, and have it sound completely wrong? Playing your mix on different speakers in a different room can make the mix and the song sound vastly different. Maybe the bass is way too boomy, or the snare disappears, or it just sounds flat and lifeless.

Professional mastering corrects this issue by balancing the frequencies and dynamics of a track so that it will “translate” correctly from system to system. You want the mix to sound consistent whether it is on iPod earbuds, all the way up to a gigantic PA. To achieve this you need a carefully controlled environment with accurate acoustics and monitoring, and an experienced mastering engineer.

Studios 301 has been operating for over 90 years, and much of Australia’s most loved music has come through our doors. We have always held the highest possible standards when handling audio. Each one of our engineers is a mastering specialist with decades of experience. We have all the cool gear; the Prisms, buy cheap valtrex generic Sontecs, Maselecs, but we also take pride in getting the details right. Every connection and every cable is pored over, tested, and tested again. With this in mind you can be confident you’ll get the best possible result by mastering with us.

Harvey O’sullivan

Mastering Assistant

Harvey O’Sullivan joined Studios 301 in January 2013 alongside working at FBi Radio as Live Feed Producer / Engineer and Outside Broadcast Coordinator, and as a lecturer at The Academy of Music and Performing Arts.

At FBi his work has included recordings from Vivid, Graphic Fest, a tour of broadcasts around regional Australia, live broadcasts at the Biennale from Cockatoo Island, Carriageworks, recordings at Sydney Festival and live recording and mixing with artists such as James Blake and Sharon Van Etten.

He has worked on online videos for Polaroids of Androids with Bored Nothing, Harmony and Summer Flake as well FBi’s Local Live video series featuring artists such as George Maple and Tkay Maidza.

Studios 301 is Australia’s largest mastering facility, specialising in Mastering music for iTunes, CD, Vinyl and other digital releases in a variety of genres. Our legendary Studios 301 team has worked on countless iconic Australian and international releases, many of which have gone on to shape music history in the last century. Our credits include Troye Sivan, Rihanna, Flume , Gang of youths, Maroon 5, Rüfüs ,triple j – Like a Version, Matt Corby, Muse, Vance Joy, Bernard fanning, Santana and much more.

Written By

Finley is the National Music Academy manager and director.