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Newcastle: 461a King St, Newcastle West P: 4929 3060
Maitland: 416a High St, Maitland P: 49345553

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Customised Tuition

We customise our lessons to your aspirations and teach you the skills you need to know in becoming better at your instrument. Our tailored tuition is developed around our core objectives.

  • To Equip
  • To Guide
  • To Inspire
  • To Empower



The most successful people have mentors to help guide them and show them the best path to follow to attain there goals. Our teachers want to know what you want to achieve to help you get there.

  • Why is mentoring important?
  • Mentoring Success Stories
  • Who we mentor?
  • Who are our mentors.


Gig Opportunities

We offer our students the opportunity to play live and perform in our concerts and also external professional venues.
Real world experience is vital to becoming a great buy valtrex musician, growing with your art and just simply having fun and letting others enjoy your talent.

A live gig is worth countless hours of practice and also gives students the occasion to play with bands we form in our workshops and allows them to build confidence.

  • Affiliated with Lizottes™ Newcastle
  • Gain experience performing
  • Allows Students to set performance goals
  • Learn the finer points of playing within a band


Industry Workshops

A professional in any field grows from not only study but also being around people who lead in what they do.

A great musician always has a number of influences and teachers and that is why we offer students an opportunity to gain insight into aspects of there art they could not cover in a 30 minute one on one lesson.

  • Songwriting
  • Theory
  • Performance
  • Nerves and how to master them
  • Playing with a band
  • Maintaining your instrument
  • Technique
  • Obtaining a great tone from your instrument
  • Using music based technology & Recording



Discover the art of making music not just playing songs.

  • Professional industry musicians mentor and teach you as a group and individual in a band
  • Meet other like minded musicians that leads to forming a band and make friends for life
  • Many performance opportunities at professional venues
  • Learn how to use your equipment, band etiquette and industry tips that make a successful band.
  • Increase performance skills and confidence
  • Learn the stylistic tools that make a rock, reggae or hip-hop song and many other genres



Where art meets swagger!

  • Think – Beat-boxing, brass & body percussion all tied together to create a vocal group that has so much swagger it will redefine the word choir
  • You learn not just to sing in a choir, but learn the potential of the voice in a unique and incredible way
  • Learn how to harmonise, ensemble etiquette, performance technique, arrangement & industry tips that make a successful choir
  • Amazing arrangements of hip hop, soul, pop and all other styles in a choir/acapella environment
  • Boost your performance and confidence levels and have fun!
  • Multiple performance opportunities at professional venues

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