Gig Opportunities

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We offer our students the opportunity to play live and perform in our concerts and also external professional venues.

Real world experience is vital to becoming a great musician,growing with your art and just simply having fun and letting others enjoy your talent.

We are affliated with Newcastle’s best live music venue, Lizotte’s where students can play on the same cheap zithromax online stage as their idols, not just a staged environment, but an authentic music venue.

A live gig is worth countless hours of practice and also gives students the occasion to play with the bands we form in our workshops and allows them to build confidence.

Confidence is best achieved through knowledge and obtaining success in your art, a natural by-product here at National Music Academy. With all the opportunities our students are given via tailored lessons, master-classes and our workshops, the best and most rewarding component is playing live.

See our testimonials to hear our students play.

Check out our Gig Opportunities!

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