The most successful people have mentors to help guide them and show them the best path to follow to attain there goals.

Giving a lesson and having a direction are two totally different things that’s why we mentor students no matter the level or goal.

Mentoring works this is why we have past students at National Music Academy who have gone on the study at various universities including Newcastle Conservatorium, Australian Institute of Music, Hunter School of Performing Arts, Armidale University and Berklee School of music in Boston the pinnacle of music education.

We mentor our all of our students; this encapsulates all levels and aspirations from people just wanting to play at there daughters wedding, Higher generic valtrex buy School Certificate, play in their first band, at church or just at home; right through to the professional gigging musician or university undergraduate.

Musicians are a product of there surroundings so having a mentor and role model behind them guiding them is a key aspect to the success of there aspiration.

Our teachers want to know what you want to achieve to help you get there.Your teacher will personally mentor you and guide your lessons.

Nurture talent is a privilege and that is why we also source the best musicians and artists in the country and beyond to do our workshops and masterclasses so that our students and even other professional musicians can gain an insight into learning more about there art, taking our mentoring to the next level.