Module 1 – Immersion In music

Module 1 – Details
  • Analysis of Music
  • Deconstruction of pieces
  • Music Discovery
  • Learn pathways to creativity
  • Understanding Musical Ideas
  • The Discovery of Modern Music Evolution

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

Alexander Graham Bell

The music industry success pathway begins each week by immersing you in the recordings of the most significant contributors to the development of all the modern styles of music. Each week a genre from recent history is chosen for focused directed listening. This genre and the features that define it then becomes the theme for the weekly music industry project developed to completion in the other modules.

If you look back at any innovative musical artist who has been successful in the past 60 years you’ll discover they all had one thing in common: buy valtrex online discount they listened to a lot of different music! More than this, they were able to make connections between seemingly disparate styles and blend them in ways that were new and interesting.

This module will immerse you in the major works of all the great musical innovators beginning with Charlie Parker and the bebop era. From these modern music roots you will discover how new styles branched out and grew in innovative ways from older styles to ultimately form the dense forest of contemporary music styles that exist today. This module is at the core of the Professional Development Program because it reveals the vast scope of the contemporary music world and enables you to better see what your pathways within it might be.