Module 2 – Musicianship

Module 2 – Musicianship
  • Aural Development
  • Theoretical  Rudiments
  • Keyboard Basics
  • Interconnected core areas
  • Applied theory
  • 21st Century Theory application
  • Reading Music
  • Musical construction
  • Understanding Chord Charts

There are tens of thousands of theories about music.

Brian Eno

Thankfully there are only a couple of simple concepts that need to be understood in order to be fluent in the practical language of music! This module concentrates on three interconnected core areas: aural development, theoretical rudiments and keyboard basics.

The development of aural skills will enable you to see the music you hear (music transcription) and hear the music you see (reading music notation). These are essential skills possessed by every successful person in the music industry. Theoretical rudiments are the necessary companion to aural skills. They reveal and explain all the elementary musical materials and how they are utilised to construct compositions from simple nursery rhyme tunes to large scale complex works.

Every person who works in the music industry should also know how to use a piano keyboard for basic routine tasks, such as entering notes into a digital workstation for sequencing or blocking notes to quickly hear chord progressions and melodies. This module will show you how to use a keyboard.