Module 4 – Performance and Movement Workshop

Module 4 – Performance and Movement Workshop
  • Stagecraft
  • Microphone Technique
  • Performance Etiquette
  • Stage Presence
  • Movement Technique
  • Presentation
  • Gig ready performance skills
  • Professional Performance Analysis
  • Professional Videography and Critique
  • Gig Opportunities

“I’m never pleased with anything. I’m a perfectionist. It’s part of who I am.”

Michael Jackson

The performance module takes the arrangements created in Module 3 and puts them through the workshop process. You will acquire and develop all the skills necessary to transform you into a professional performer of your own material but, more importantly, you will gain insight into the “secret” of success: you have to possess an inexhaustible commitment to improvement through innovation, invention, reflection and reinvention.
“Performance” is defined as the act of presenting … entertainment. The workshop environment isn’t just to play through the arrangements created in Module 3. This module is designed to transform you into an entertainer of the highest calibre. Aside from the practical skills of developing chord chart reading abilities, microphone technique, and so on, you will discover the difference between simply presenting a song and creating a memorable performance. This is revealed through stage craft and etiquette – two of the most overlooked abilities every performer in the music industry should possess.