Module 5 – Production and Recording

Module 5 – Production and Recording
  • Acoustics
  • Signal Flow
  • Recording
  • Learn how to use Logic, Garage Band, Cubase, Protools ,Ableton  and more
  • Manipulate Audio Data
  • Basic Video and Editing
  • Using Samples and Midi
  • Home Studio equipment analysis
  • Professional Studio equipment analysis (& time)
  • Recording your own compositions from start to finish

“I want it to sound like an orange.”

John Lennon

This module moves the weekly project one step closer to completion. Material conceived in Module 1 and developed and polished order valtrex 500mg through to Module 4 is now recorded, produced and made ready for the final stage of the project: Module 6.
You will learn a range of recording studio techniques from acoustics to signal flow to processing effects and manipulating audio data. Also covered in this module are basic video recording and editing techniques. Together, all these technical skills combine to produce one finished demo of your abilities that will ultimately become your music industry Electronic Press Kit (EPK).